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    A burial unit, coffin or casket is often times the most expensive item you will purchase for a full-service funeral and burial. Wood Caskets by John offers a variety of quality, handcrafted, hard wood and soft wood coffins at a fraction of the price as opposed to buying them from a funeral home. Our Florida hand made coffins and caskets are all natural as well as bio-degradable.

    We are based in the Tampa Bay area in Florida, but we will ship our caskets and coffins to anywhere in the United States. Caskets shipped to Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Tallahassee and anywhere in FL arrive overnight or next day. Allow longer for coffins and caskets shipped outside of Florida.

    See our FAQ page for answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

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    Special Orders

    Any of our wood coffins-caskets can be made to your specifications.


    Solid Wood Stools

    All stools made special by Pappa Marvin


    Solid Wood Swings

    All swings made special by Pappa Marvin.

  • Did you know...

    No two woods are alike.

    Each wood type has it's own defining characteristics, such as grain, color variations, texture, knots, mineral deposits & streaks, and sap runs.

    These natural markings make each of our wood caskets unique and a natural beauty without frills or any man-made materials.

    If you would like to order a special wood, here are some of the wood types we offer if they are available as well as a wood type within your price range.


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    • White Pine Coffins
    • Poplar Coffins
    • Oak (white or red)
    • Cherry Coffins
    • Maple Coffins
    • Ash Coffins
    • Walnut Coffins
    • Cypress Coffins